Wait…Being a good follower matters?

stepWhy is followership the first step to leadership? This is one of the main questions that I have been asking. Don’t all good leaders struggle to follow? I thought that was what made them able to start out on their own, their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

What I have begun to grapple with is what makes it so important. Every leader is a follower, and every leader has followers. One of the best ways you can lead is to be an example of followership to those who follow you. They will see you follow, make no mistake about it, they are watching.

First, let me mention that every leader is also a follower. Let’s look broadly, the majority of those leading others are in, what many call, middle management. This means that they are between subordinates and supervisors. There are those few that seem to be leading everything with out following anyone – we call them CEO, President or Owner. These men and women follow as well, we just do not see it as clearly. They have boards, committees and other groups that they must submit to. Take Congress for instance, the President has the ability to veto there decision, however they have the ability to veto his veto. It provides checks and balances. Continue reading

Why Children Need Chores

I found this article on a friends site and thought I would pass it on. After reading it, I need to restructure how we do chores in our home. There are a lot of simple action steps that you can apply out of this. Pick one and experiment with it.

Why Children Need Choreschores

By Jennifer Breheny Wallace

Today’s demands for measurable childhood success—from the Common Core to college placement—have chased household chores from the to-do lists of many young people. In a survey of 1,001 U.S. adults released last fall by Braun Research, 82% reported having regular chores growing up, but only 28% said that they require their own children to do them. With students under pressure to learn Mandarin, run the chess club or get a varsity letter, chores have fallen victim to the imperatives of resume-building—though it is hardly clear that such activities are a better use of their time.

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Leadership: Empowering People

powerThere are many different definitions of leadership that any number of us could adhere to. The questions of being satisfied with any particular definition is always two-fold. First, does it say too much? and Second, does it not say enough? The tough question is where is the middle ground that we would all agree on.

The following is one that I was handed by Dennis Touchy. Dennis and I crossed paths for a little while I attended college, and I benefited greatly from my meetings with him. I am not sure if this was his definition or not but there are a few things I would like to mention regarding it. Here it is.

Leadership is the ability to Perceive a valid need; Develop a plan to meet that need, and Empower everyone involved according to their level of love and commitment.

Vision to see a need and what could be is paramount. Being able to put together a plan and then execute it is also important. A vision without execution is just a good thought.

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3 Ways Porn Steals from Your Marriage

So I came across this article a while back and it has been in my mind that it would be helpful to  others who may not have read it or thought of these things. What I have been challenged by is that while this has not plagued my marriage it did my single life years ago. I believe that if you spoke to my wife there are times these things are still present because of those choices and I find myself drawn to temptation quickly. If I am not careful I would easily be slain by these sins again.

For those of you who are married consider these points. For those of you who are single, spend time praying over this issue, it will have effects long past your time of pleasure and many of which you never consider until years later. I would encourage you to speak to a married man in your church about this issue if you are willing to be frank. Hand him this article and ask him to help you process how it impacts your life as a single man.

3 Ways Porn Steals from Your Marriage

computerby Stephen Miller

John is a normal guy, a Christian, a business man and a good father who happens to struggle with a pornography addiction. Introduced to pornography at the young age of eleven, he just seems to always struggle with the pull of it. Growing up, getting through school, marrying and having two kids helped life to seem normal but always right there under the surface is this pull of the forbidden that he always seems to lose. John has great intentions and every time he fails, he tells himself, “this is the last time”. John doesn’t share his struggle with his wife because it will probably upset her, and it just affects him anyways, right?

Christine is John’s wife and constantly struggles with her self-image. She never feels quite settled or secure in her marriage. Although John is a good provider and always comes home, there are times when he just seems to check out. Although he is nice to her most of the time, sometimes he just seems to pick her apart. It is those times that Christine thinks about most days and wonders if she’s good enough for John and if he is eventually going to find someone else if she doesn’t measure up a little better as a wife. So Christine struggles, she tries to work out, she tries different makeup, different hairstyles, better outfits, and although the new works for a little while, it eventually settles back in to those same old uncomfortable interactions that leaves her feeling less than.

You must choose pure relationships over secret sin.  

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