Deliberate Men walk the same paths, drive the same roads and sit at the same tables as everyone else but their life is characterized by the deliberate action toward responsibility. This is seen by looking closely to see how a certain man engages in his work, marriage, children, religion, and what he does with his free time. Most men have these different relationships and spheres of their lives, the Deliberate Man lives with clear direction and take seriously his responsibility in each of these areas. He does not merely allow life to pass by or let life happen to him but with the responsibility will engage in those relationships to invest in those around him, he thinks about what it is needed with forethought and is consistently learning so that he can be ready to meet what comes next.

Deliberate Men wants to help those men who are striving to be more deliberate in their lives. There are always areas that we could give some more attention. There are always weaknesses that we cannot ignore any longer. There are always things coming we have not experienced yet and want to handle well but lack the experience.

Getting some simple and precise help to men who are looking at how to navigate life circumstances will help each of us take responsibility for our part and begin taking deliberate steps as men to help, guide and lead those around us. Each of us needs to look at our life, identify the areas that we are not taking responsibility for what is going on, and BE DELIBERATE about our next steps.