A-Glorious-Declaration-500x200 As a lover of all things outdoors I always loved being in the outdoors and for years have been drawn in by a view or the stillness of nature. I have often felt as if the mountains were communicating something but was never sure what it was, so I began searching a little bit. Read about how the mountains were not just speaking but shouting. Once you learn what is so important, what is worth shouting for you never looked at it all the same way again.


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Many times we take a look down the road and are not sure how to get there. In many cases we do not need to know or see the final destination but just need to know the next steps that can start the journey in that direction. This small E-Book is designed to help you do just that. Start here with a few small steps in the journey of leadership even if you are not sure where it will end up.

Some of us become a man by our own choice, others are called upon to become men, and yet others still are thrust into a situation where they must become a man whether they were anticipating it or not. This is a story of one who was thrust into the situation and rose up to meet the challenge. In looking back he tells the story that marks that day for him. This turned out to be the ride of his life and he went to sleep a very different man then the boy he was eating breakfast that morning.


 Many men in any number of occupations are learning their trade and want to learn how to grow as a leader to help them move up in their business. This is an honorable pursuit and when undertaken will allow for greater influence in many areas of life. The Core is designed to help clear up how to get there. The basics that every leader needs to know and make habits you can learn right where you are so you can master your craft and lead the way.

Real Men LogoThis ebook will help you take the next steps in changing your life. Written by one of our readers and collaborators, David not only gives a game plan to make it happen but then opportunities for follow up to take it further abound. Check this out to help you grow and multiply your efforts in any area of your life.

MOTDBanner-500x200A while back I wanted to help create something that would combine my history in the Military with my Faith in Jesus as my Savior. This project came out as a result of that pursuit and in collaboration with the team at Pilgrimage was able to see it come to life. Check it out and it is Free for Military personnel and their families.

standards-promo-500x200-V2When I found out I was having a son I had a huge level of excitement and it was followed a day or two later with complete fear. I was at a point where I realized that I needed to raise my son to be a man. I came to the conclusion that I can not expect of him something I could not articulate, and thus The Standard of A Man. This is my attempt to articulate it for my son and I thought you may benefit from it as well.

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