A Glorious Declaration


Outdoors is always something that has intrigued me. I love being in the outdoors, working in the outdoors, and sleeping in the outdoors. I like to go hiking, climbing, paddling, cycling or anything else that I can get my hands on. From the time I was a boy I loved spending time out side. I often felt like the message of nature was so powerful but was unable to identify what the message exactly was. So I set out to search it out and in A Glorious Declaration I tried to articulate it for everyone else who has enjoyed the outdoors as well.

In this book we will walk through a number of things that the outdoors is saying and ultimately all of it points in one direction. When you go through it all you can not help but hear what the Mountains are saying, and when you hear it you will agree as well – it is A Glorious Declaration.

Download it HERE!!

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