Ownership: Taking Responsibility

Are you the owner? (source:JeremyHall)

This is a huge difference between being in high school and being in college. Most students will not take the switch well. If you are able to grab ownership now you will be a massive step ahead of the others. If you can grasp it you will be able to run forward and not look back. So what then is Ownership? The Ownership I am talking about is who owns your growth and learning process.

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Leadership: Empowering People

powerThere are many different definitions of leadership that any number of us could adhere to. The questions of being satisfied with any particular definition is always two-fold. First, does it say too much? and Second, does it not say enough? The tough question is where is the middle ground that we would all agree on.

The following is one that I was handed by Dennis Touchy. Dennis and I crossed paths for a little while I attended college, and I benefited greatly from my meetings with him. I am not sure if this was his definition or not but there are a few things I would like to mention regarding it. Here it is.

Leadership is the ability to Perceive a valid need; Develop a plan to meet that need, and Empower everyone involved according to their level of love and commitment.

Vision to see a need and what could be is paramount. Being able to put together a plan and then execute it is also important. A vision without execution is just a good thought.

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