You might be LOST if…

Where am I going?

Have you ever wondered if you were lost? You know that period of time when you’re sitting there and you think you know where you are but are not sure and are not quite to the point where you are willing to ask for help.

Well I have been there too. I have been at this point in my car, in the wilderness, and at times, in my life. Understanding when you are lost enables you to fix the problem. Most people however think that because they know some of the information they are not lost. The only problem is you do not have to admit it to be lost. If your lost, your lost.

There are 3 ways that you can be lost. Many do not see all three of these and fall by the wayside because they do not acknowledge them. So here are the 3 ways to be lost. Continue reading

Dare to be Remarkable

dareA few days ago I was looking through some of my papers from a while back and found a card that my mother sent me. SHe always sends me stuff to encourage me, I love it.  Okay so on the front of the card is a quote from Jane Gentry which says,

Dare to be remarkable.

On the inside was what my mom wrote to me, I won’t give you the whole card but it starts out with this quote…

Spend your gifts lavishly…like a millionaire intent on being broke!

Now I am not sure about you but when I read that I got pumped up. I want to be remarkable. Don’t you. She points out a very simple way to be remarkable – take what you are good at and go all out.