A friend reminded me recently the importance of evaluation in our lives. We were talking concerning if you have not evaluated things in a long time and then all of a sudden look over your goals in your life. Having not looked at them for a while someone may be seriously depressed. He mentioned Augustine who said –

The un-evaluated life is not worth living.

As the conversation progressed another person mentioned that the other extreme is also true – Continue reading

Ownership: Taking Responsibility

Are you the owner? (source:JeremyHall)

This is a huge difference between being in high school and being in college. Most students will not take the switch well. If you are able to grab ownership now you will be a massive step ahead of the others. If you can grasp it you will be able to run forward and not look back. So what then is Ownership? The Ownership I am talking about is who owns your growth and learning process.

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On Matters of Effectiveness

effectivenessWhat is the difference between Good Leadership and Bad Leadership?

Most of the time that people ask this question I think they are looking at people who are leading toward Bad things. Whether it is leading to disobey, rebel or mutiny.

The interesting thing is that when the logic of this argument is followed through you have to call Hitler a Bad leader. Now I think most people would agree that what Hitler did was of a hideous nature. I would not differ, however this is a dissection of the leadership and I want to point out an issue here that seems to be overlooked. Continue reading

Wait…Being a good follower matters?

stepWhy is followership the first step to leadership? This is one of the main questions that I have been asking. Don’t all good leaders struggle to follow? I thought that was what made them able to start out on their own, their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

What I have begun to grapple with is what makes it so important. Every leader is a follower, and every leader has followers. One of the best ways you can lead is to be an example of followership to those who follow you. They will see you follow, make no mistake about it, they are watching.

First, let me mention that every leader is also a follower. Let’s look broadly, the majority of those leading others are in, what many call, middle management. This means that they are between subordinates and supervisors. There are those few that seem to be leading everything with out following anyone – we call them CEO, President or Owner. These men and women follow as well, we just do not see it as clearly. They have boards, committees and other groups that they must submit to. Take Congress for instance, the President has the ability to veto there decision, however they have the ability to veto his veto. It provides checks and balances. Continue reading