Leadership: Empowering People

powerThere are many different definitions of leadership that any number of us could adhere to. The questions of being satisfied with any particular definition is always two-fold. First, does it say too much? and Second, does it not say enough? The tough question is where is the middle ground that we would all agree on.

The following is one that I was handed by Dennis Touchy. Dennis and I crossed paths for a little while I attended college, and I benefited greatly from my meetings with him. I am not sure if this was his definition or not but there are a few things I would like to mention regarding it. Here it is.

Leadership is the ability to Perceive a valid need; Develop a plan to meet that need, and Empower everyone involved according to their level of love and commitment.

Vision to see a need and what could be is paramount. Being able to put together a plan and then execute it is also important. A vision without execution is just a good thought.

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The Leaf Rake Theory

Pain comes in many forms.

One of the most difficult things to do when attempting to help people is when they are going through something that you have never gone through. You want to encourage them, come along side of them so they are not alone and just out right help them in some way. But, due to the fact that they are walking a path you have never walked before you feel inadequate to be there for them. This is where The Leaf Rake Theory can help you.

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360° Evaluation

A great tool I came across a few years back is the 360° Evaluation. One of my mentors had me do this as we began a long relationship. It is a great tool for current evaluation of where you are in your life. These people may or may not know your goals and may or may not know what you are currently working on. The goal here is to identify where you are based on unbiased opinion (meaning anyone but ourselves).

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Aggressive Influence

Aggressive Influence LogoBeing aggressive in leadership is very simple in concept but more difficult in practice. The key is being intentional. Intentionality is not a difficult thing to grasp. I do not do things just because I have the opportunity but I create the opportunity. That is different. An aggressive leader does not just take what is handed to them but takes what is handed to them and creates more of an opportunity with them. For instance… When you are spending time with someone and working through a task together, you take the moment to talk to them and build the relationship. That is basic bridge building, an important part of leadership. What makes someone aggressive in leadership is contacting someone who you want to build a relationship or further a relationship with and taking them with you. You are intentional about who you take and why you take them. You have a goal in bringing them with you and look to meet that goal.

What does it mean to aggressively influence? What does it mean to be aggressive in leadership? Hitler was pretty aggressive, is that what I am supposed to be like? What about influence, isn’t that leadership? What is the difference?

The difference is all in approach. The approach to leadership is the foundation for your impact.

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