A Glorious Declaration


Outdoors is always something that has intrigued me. I love being in the outdoors, working in the outdoors, and sleeping in the outdoors. I like to go hiking, climbing, paddling, cycling or anything else that I can get my hands on. From the time I was a boy I loved spending time out side. I often felt like the message of nature was so powerful but was unable to identify what the message exactly was. So I set out to search it out and in A Glorious Declaration I tried to articulate it for everyone else who has enjoyed the outdoors as well.

In this book we will walk through a number of things that the outdoors is saying and ultimately all of it points in one direction. When you go through it all you can not help but hear what the Mountains are saying, and when you hear it you will agree as well – it is A Glorious Declaration.

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What is a Godly Man?

What makes a Man godly?

I believe that there is a God and therefore believe that I am accountable to Him. I believe that one day I must answer to Him for my life, both my actions as well as my thoughts. With this accountability I would like to draw a more specific definition of what a man is. This definition is qualified by the descriptive term godly. Meaning that the striving aim of the man is to pursue obedience to God.

Godly Man – A man who consistently grapples with sin in the presence of a holy God and repents daily.

I am not sure what if this is the definition I would go with but it is part of an ongoing internal discussion that I thought I would include you on. Take a moment and unpack it with me and then leave me your thoughts in the comments.

Lets take a closer look.

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Right Against Might

“Will you do nothing to put down the evil side of that foolish proverb, “Nothing succeeds like success!” Bread success in its own den, fight the most popular evils, espouse the poorest and the weakest causes, if you believe that they are inspired by one element of right. It takes a strong man to stand alone. It is only a man here and there that can raise a tune, almost everybody tries to have a mumble after it is raised. But stand alone, young friend; stand alone, poor man; stand with the right. We are in the minority, but we are in the minority of God. I do not believe in majorities, popularly so called. I believe men should be weighted as much as numbered. I would rather have the support of one man of a certain kind, than the support of ten thousand of a kind directly opposite.”

Joseph Parker, D.D.