What defines a MAN???

Is this a TRUE MAN?

I have spent a good bit of my life trying to figure out what a man is. It almost seems to be fleeting. What I always seem to catch however is what a man is not.

Now let me clarify this by saying that I have found numerous explanations of what a man is but have not really been satisfied with them. Many in our culture will not say that a true MAN is the guy who will demoralize his wife, cheat on his taxes and maybe even mix the two and cheat on his wife but what I see on a regular basis is men who are striving or settling for just that. As they seek after what it means to be a true man they are willing to sacrifice their relationships, even their own marriage, along with their integrity in attempts of finding it.

Know I am not out to prove exactly what a man is by saying that I am him but to help others understand a little bit more about me and what I am after. I consider myself to be a man not because I have attained some high level of stature but because I take one word very seriously, and that word is RESPONSIBILITY.

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What’s Your Plan?

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Each of us as a goal, a dream, a desire to be better than we are. We seem to always see what we want to be or do and it is just beyond our reach. Why are they always just out of reach? Well, I can’t speak for everyone but as for me – I do not have plans to make the ┬áchange much of the time. This is where I came across David Domzalski. David is all about helping men discover their purpose and craft a lifestyle that allows them to be better leaders, husbands, and fathers. I have been reading some of his stuff and he kindly allowed me to share this ebook with all of my readers as well.

This quick ebook outlines the simple steps that you and I need to take to see the changes take place in our life. Each section of the book brings it a little closer until it is without our grasp.

If you want to become a better father, husband, employer; get in better shape or grow in any way that is worth the effort. David gives you the tools to get there and will be of great encouragement along the way.

You can Download it for Free HERE!

If you want to reach out to David you can do so through his website http://www.daviddomzalski.com or hit him up on twitter @daviddomzalski

The Importance of a Mentor and how to get One.

Mentor-1734259As a guy who wants to impact as many people as possible to become better. I try to help others be intentional as well. If I do it all myself it will never work. So the question I was asked a while back as got me thinking and as a result has got me writing.

The question – How do I get more impact out of each of my steps?

This is a great question because what my friend was starting to ask is, if I only have so much time and only so much energy how do I maximize it? There are a bunch of different ways to maximize your steps, as he put it, but the one I am going to focus on here is having a Mentor. Mentors are a piece of the puzzle but if you see all the pieces and have no clue where to start then a mentor is a great spot, because they can help you figure the rest out.

In this article I want to show you…

  • The purpose of a mentor.
  • How to get one.
  • What to do once you have one.

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What is a Godly Man?

What makes a Man godly?

I believe that there is a God and therefore believe that I am accountable to Him. I believe that one day I must answer to Him for my life, both my actions as well as my thoughts. With this accountability I would like to draw a more specific definition of what a man is. This definition is qualified by the descriptive term godly. Meaning that the striving aim of the man is to pursue obedience to God.

Godly Man – A man who consistently grapples with sin in the presence of a holy God and repents daily.

I am not sure what if this is the definition I would go with but it is part of an ongoing internal discussion that I thought I would include you on. Take a moment and unpack it with me and then leave me your thoughts in the comments.

Lets take a closer look.

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