A friend reminded me recently the importance of evaluation in our lives. We were talking concerning if you have not evaluated things in a long time and then all of a sudden look over your goals in your life. Having not looked at them for a while someone may be seriously depressed. He mentioned Augustine who said –

The un-evaluated life is not worth living.

As the conversation progressed another person mentioned that the other extreme is also true –

The over-evaluated life is not worth living either.

I started thinking about the possible truth in it and whether it affects my life or not. I thought about it for a while because I do not want to be so ignorant to assume that I can not learn from everyone that I meet. So after a few days of thought here is the conclusion I came to.

  • Your life must have evaluation, if it does not your goals will be hopeful wishes and nothing more.
  • No matter what level of evaluation you have it should correspond with your level of action.
  • If you have a high level of evaluation AND a high level of action, you will most likely accomplish more than everyone else.
  • If you lack action then you are over-analyzing everything and it has paralyzed you.
  • Those who have corresponding action and evaluation most likely fail as much as or more than they succeed.

Therefore, if the your evaluation and action correspond then you will fail and you succeed but the ground you cover will be miles further down the road then any of the other options.

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