Happy Birthday – HOORAH!!

Sketch of Tun Tavern in the Revolutionary War,...

Tun Tavern via Wikipedia

If you have been hanging around here with me for a while you most likely already know that I am a United States Marine. Every November I get the chance to celebrate all over again the birth of our beloved Corps. So here is a short lesson for all of you who do not know anything about the Marines.

It started in a BAR.

Yeah that is right. While the Continental Congress instituted the Marines on November 10th, 1775, the Marine Corps’ first unit was banded together and started in the city of Philadelphia in a little place called Tun Tavern.

They Fought Under Washington.

There were two main ways that the Marines were employed in the Revolutionary War. They were used on ships and as an addition to the Continental Army.

Role on Board. While on the ships the Marines served as sharpshooters from the nest hitting the exposed enemy on the opposing ships, kept the enemy from boarding our ships, fought hand to hand and with small arms if required, helped with the main guns if needed and served the officers to quiet any chance of mutiny. It was through the Navy that the Marines also performed the first amphibious landing on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.

Under Washington. The Marines had units that were integrated into the Continental Army and played a part in Princeton and Trenton, NJ during that desperate winter of 1776-77 and suffered the same hardships in Morristown, NJ while in quarters with the rest of the Army.

To all you Marines out there…..

Well first off let me get my motivation right out there


Second thing I want to say is


Third thing I want to say.


Here is the challenge….

For all those other people out there that are not in the Marines – every year Marines all over spend the day in reflect, some will drink deep of the emotions that it causes, and of course many will be visited with a flag at their tombstone. The whole aspect of the emotion that comes rushing back can be overwhelming this week. (Do not forget that Veterans Day is not far off and the emotions keep coming.) For many we remember the high times of our service and smile and miss it in certain ways, but others will have a very different experience. There are many Marines that will be reminded of those lost or wounded, times that they would rather forget and memories that have plagued them for years.

Here is the deal. Shake their hand and say THANK YOU! In the middle of all the stuff going on in the mind it can be a huge encouragement to know it was for something. To know someone is thankful, it did not go unnoticed.

Call someone, email them, text them, shake their hand, do something. Let them know that you are grateful. Who can you share your gratefulness with today?


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – HOORAH!!

  1. Tim you know I have the utmost respect for you and your service and I hope you know and always remember that. And to all you other Marines (Devil Dogs, Leathernecks, AABAs, or whatever you want to call yourselves) Thank you!

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