You might be LOST if…

Where am I going?

Have you ever wondered if you were lost? You know that period of time when you’re sitting there and you think you know where you are but are not sure and are not quite to the point where you are willing to ask for help.

Well I have been there too. I have been at this point in my car, in the wilderness, and at times, in my life. Understanding when you are lost enables you to fix the problem. Most people however think that because they know some of the information they are not lost. The only problem is you do not have to admit it to be lost. If your lost, your lost.

There are 3 ways that you can be lost. Many do not see all three of these and fall by the wayside because they do not acknowledge them. So here are the 3 ways to be lost.

3 Ways that You Know You are Lost.
  1. When you do not know where you are. This should be the obvious one. The simple truth is that if you know where you want to go but do not have any idea of where you are at this moment than you are lost. It is impossible to get to where you want to go if you do not know where you are. This becomes more apparent if you begin listing things that need to take place to get you were you want to go. The next steps here are commonly over estimated. Without a clear knowledge of where you are, most people will think more of themselves than is accurate. This can become discouraging as you will have a hard time attaining the bar that is set so high. Know where you are so you can get where you want to go.
  2. When you do not know where you are going. This is a little more fleeting. The feeling of knowing where you are can provide a level of security that makes you think you are not lost. The satisfaction of knowing where you are however, does little when you remain there for a long amount of time. The other option is that you wander around aimlessly, the point for some who do this is to simply look busy or look like you are going somewhere. The truth here is that if you do not know where you are going, even if you are certain of where  you are, you will be hard-pressed to be able to articulate the next steps to fix your situation.
  3. When you do not knowing EITHER. This should go without saying but the truth, I believe, is that most people fit this third category. They are living their life without knowing where they are or where they are going. All they are doing is living in the moment, indulging themselves at every moment because that is the end for them, the moment. While some moments in my life I will agree have been quite spectacular, I do not see them as the end. Knowing neither where you are or where you are going means you are lost. This is reversible it may just take a little longer then the others to work out.

So what do I do now…

If you find yourself, LOST, then you need to do 3 things to correct the situation.

  • Identify where you are. To have a healthy understanding of where you are do the 360 Degree Evaluation and start identifying where you are. This is not purely logistical. Make sure you know where you are and you will be able t move on to the next step. Which is…
  • Identify where you want to go. This can be adjusted as you go. I have found it better, when starting from scratch, to make it broad. This will be really help you as you get moving. It keeps things moving and will help you as you look into step 3. Once you get going you will always be able to adjust and narrow your focus as you move. The goal is that you are moving.
  • Identify the next steps. Once you identify the first two start articulating what needs to take place in the next week. The hardest part is to begin the momentum, do that and a touch on the accelerator will keep you going. These need not be huge tasks, if you need to make them simple so that you can start moving. Keep heading in the direction and you will be gaining ground in the right direction.

Are you not sure where you are? Where you are going? Are you LOST?

Lost Leadership

Everyone who has heard someone stand up and proclaim all the issues that need to be corrected without providing any suggestions for change will agree that you can not lead others when you are lost yourself. You must first know where you are, where you are going and have a plan in place to get there before you can lead others to the same location. Some will not follow you until you have accomplished the entire journey. Here is the point. To lead you can be lost. Know where you are, where you are going and start uncovering the journey to get there. Once this is underway you will be in a position to inspire, challenge, and empower others to follow.

This applies in the online community, your church, business, or otherwise. Figure it out and as soon as you do start moving. The time you put into the thinking part of this will directly connect to distance you go before you start burning steam. Spend the time, consider the cost, and jump in with both feet.

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