Military Devotional








My time in the Marine Corps was a time in my life which I often look back on fondly. One of the things I often envy about those that currently serve is that I did not have a lot of Military resources at my disposal to help me follow Jesus. Today there are so many things available that can really help people who are looking to take the next steps in their relationship with Jesus. This is one of those great resources. I worked with the guys at Pilgrimage Educational Resources to see this Military Edition of OnTrack Devotional come to life.

This devotional goes through the entire NT in a calendar year helping the reader learn from the passages of the Bible and walking through the basics of Bible Study. Taking a few minutes to walk through what you see in the portion you are reading that day then walking through a few questions to help you apply the truths to life.


You can download this devotional for free on Check it out here at Military Devotional.


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