Results Worth Measuring


What do you measure? (source: aussiegall)

Before you get to excited about results, remember that they can come in a myriad of ways, some desirable and some, well, not so much. Some results will last and some seem to fade as quickly as you received them and others feel like grasping after the wind.


The question I wrestle with is, what results do I really want?

I believe the results worth measuring are the people you build into. Measure if you are helping them succeed. measure if they are leading others successfully. When you evaluate them, you are evaluating yourself.

The hardest part of this is to be honest with what you see in those that you have led in the present as well as the past. How many of those men and women are still leading strong? How many are still growing? How many are still pursuing the opportunity to learn from you or others that might be ahead of them?

I consider my people as my biggest asset, largest investment and best way to tell if I am leading in the right direction. When I take the time to evaluate the results of my leadership I look at the attitude, proficiency, character and leadership skills in those under me. If they are growing and pushing themselves the rest takes care of itself.

The main focus of leadership is people and without them you are only taking a walk, so measure results worth measuring.

What do you look for when you evaluate your people?

How do you help your people develop?

Ride of My Life – When I Became a Man.

The Ride of My Life – By Caleb Roloson

As a rule of thumb I always want to pull people into what I am excited about. Ok, maybe it is more of a habit, but when I am excited I want others to be all jazzed up as well. I love it when they are. I hope you see my excitement through this blog from time to time as well as enjoy when I bring others into it who are all excited as well.

So who’s ride is it?

The Ride of My Life was written by my brother-in-law, describing the day that, when he looks back, marks the day that he became  a man. This is significant for 2 reasons.

  1. He was thrown into it by necessity. His father is a great dad, I am consistently learning from my father-in-law in all areas of life. The point is though that this was not a ceremony. They did not have a chance for it. The day came when he did not have the choice and needed to become a man right away. He stepped up and it now marks the day that he looks back at as the day he became a man.
  2. He is in my Community of Men. Caleb is one of the guys that I asked to sign the Enlistment of Service for my son. I hope to share this story with my son as he grows up. I want him to know this story when he looks at his uncle and sometime be able to sit in the woods with him on a trip and hear it straight from his Uncle Caleb. That would be so cool.

Click on Image to Download.

A few short pages to read.

So here is the file you can read. Just click on the image to download the document. Enjoy reading and be sure to share it and send people back this way. You can also click here to download the story.

When did you become a Man?

So as this whole thing grows I would love to have many more stories. I am looking for any other men who are willing to share their story. All you need to do is explain the event or events that come to mind when you answer the question, When did you become a Man? Your story may have been a ceremony or it may have been a situation like Caleb’s, but either way I would love for you to share it.

I will put it into a similar file as Caleb’s story with its own graphic and make sure you get a copy as well as share it with everyone else through my site.

Let me know in the comments if you are interested. Questions are welcome and I would love to hear from as many people as possible.

Are you interested in writing your story?