What You Can Expect

Now that the site is moving and is live some may be asking, “What should we expect to see next?” That is a great questions and it is exciting to share a little bit of what is coming in the next few months. Each month there will be a new E-book available for download and it will be free to anyone who wants it. Over the next few months some of the topics you will see popping up are Leadership, Fatherhood, Wilderness Adventure, Military, and a Profile of what one man marked as the time he became a man.

As the unfolding of the process begins let me mention a few ways you can help or engage with us here at Deliberate Men.

The simplest way that you can get involved and stay connected is to subscribe. This will sign you up for each article and free E-book that comes out so it will come to you in a simple and convenient email. As a bonus I am working on an E-Book that will only be available to those who subscribe. (If you sign up prior to it being finished it will be coming to your email once it is ready.)

The next way you can help us and take a step in helping creating solid content for all the readers is to share an idea. All you have to do is fill out a simple form that will give either an idea for an article, a topic of conversation or anything that you can think of. With a wealth of ideas our percentages increase significantly to reach as many men as we can. You may be going through something hard and if you are willing to share, there may be someone connected through the site that can help you engage that particular stage of life deliberately.

If you were looking to do a little more and have the time to help other Deliberate Men live and engage each season of life we ask that you consider Becoming a Contributing Author. This would allow you to write an article on a topic of your choosing or on a topic that has been requested by the readers on the site. We would work with you to take that content for posts on this blog or see a new E-book designed and made available through Deliberate Men.

Take a look at how you can engage with Deliberate Men and take a simple step by signing up or filling out a short form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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