What we Learn


As we are trying to influence people it is always important to understand how we learn. Below are some statistics that I came across at http://www.teachandlearn.net by Wiliam Glasser. Pay attention to what ways will allow you to influence in the greatest ways. Check it out.


10% of what we READ.

20% of what we HEAR.

30% of what we SEE.

50% of what we both SEE and HEAR.

70% of what we DISCUSS WITH OTHERS.

80% of what we EXPERIENCE.

95% of what we TEACH.

2 things that you have to take from this:

1.Always look to increase the potential for long-term retention.

  • What ways are you currently learning?
  • How much of it are you actually learning based on the above statistics?
  • How can you change or combine you’re doing so that it maximizes your learning?

2. Always look to increase your potential for long-term impact.

  • What ways are you currently trying to influence other?
  • Based upon the above statistics, how much of what you are doing is falling through the cracks?
  • How can you combine or change your venue to something more effective?

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