Where does your money live?

Money will always have a home. Said another way, money will never be homeless.

To be homeless is not to have a residence. Well money always has one of those, it always has a place. Money has this peculiar ability to always find its way to be used. It is either making more money or gaining you more stuff. Whether you have $5 or $500,000 it will have a home. the question is not where will it go but where will you put it?

The truth that money reveals is something that many people spend a lot of time trying to hide. If you follow where you place your money it will show you where your priorities lie, and in what order. What are your top priorities? Or maybe I should ask it more directly – Where do you put your money?

Most people worry about how much money they have. I tell you this – Worry instead of where you place what money you do have. If you place it well, you will suddenly find that you are having more of it. Always being concerned about how much money you have will leave you in a perplexed place when you look at your priorities, at least from the way I suggest. When you gain perspective what you do not want is to find that money is your top priority. Let’s face it money is not the most important thing in life.

Bottom Line – You want to find out what your priorities are and in what order they lie – look at your bank statement.

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