Defining Leadership

In a day when “definition of leadership” brings you north of 2,350,000 results on Google, it can be noted that we have yet to agree on one definition. I am not setting out to define it but explain it.

The reason that we cannot agree on one definition is that we experience it so differently. While there are basic principles that are consistent in leadership there are many that we attribute to its nature that are not consistent with every leader in history. Through my consistent reading and attempts to be the best leader I can be wherever I find myself, I have found that there is a simple way that we can narrow the scope of our leadership.

This will give us the ability narrow our focus and multiply our influence. While the journey of leadership is often appealing to so many of us, we must not overlook the structure. The structure is what gives us the patterns and parameters to know when we are in our niche or overstepping our bounds. To do this we need to search out a few things, each of which may take us in a different direction.

  • The Consistent Basics of Leadership
  • The Opportunities for Leadership
  • The Context of Leadership

We will take a look at each one briefly over the next few weeks. I hope you will stay with us.

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