The Context of Leadership

The Context of Leadership

There may be many potential platforms for each of us. The context of leadership is determined by which platforms we take an active role in. The context of our leadership differs with each of the platforms that we take. This is where our individual priorities will show. What we value as a person is where we will choose to lead, and seek platforms to do so.

The context of where you lead determines much of how you interact with the platform and the people you are attempting to lead. Below are a few of the more popular context that we see.

  • Family Leadership.
  • Church or Ministry Leadership.
  • Educational Leadership.
  • Military Leadership.
  • Political Leadership.
  • Moral Leadership.
  • Business Leadership.
  • Spiritual Leadership.

As we set our priorities in our daily lives we (meaning those of us who desire to lead) will take active roles leading in the most important areas of our world. This is not a time to disparage those who are active in a different context but find our own context and then pursue it.  Choosing the contexts that you would like to pursue will also be highly impacted by your personality and your talents. A quite reserved person may not be looking for a context or platform where they are in front of people on a regular basis. Pursue growing as a leader, your contexts might change but with each attempt you will grow and be more effective.


It may be difficult to define leadership; I suggest that it is just as difficult to explain. I understand that this does not answer all the questions nor does it explain every aspect of what a leader does. I have made an attempt according to how I understand leadership as I continually pursue to be a better leader. I hope that it challenges some and entices others to continue in your journey of leadership.

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