How I find Great Books

A friend and I were talking the other day and he mentioned a few of the books I had recommended to him that he had just finished. He was telling me all the stuff he was learning from them and we began discussing the implications of them in our lives.

Then he asked me, “How do you always recommend great books?”

I thought that was an interesting question and so we spent some time talking through my thought process on which books to buy, read and recommend. At the conclusion of this conversation he encouraged me to share this with you so that you might be able to apply them as well.

When I BUY a book.

  • When I hear 3 people recommend the same book in different settings. I order it on amazon. I may not read it right away but I have it so I can.
  • When a mentor or close friend on the same journey as me recommends a book. When this happens I rush to Amazon and grab the book. I do not have a massive list of people who I do this with but when they speak I am buying.
  • When I see a book that deals with a weakness I am working on. When I see a weakness in my life, personal or business, that needs to be corrected and I can not delegate it or staff it, then I grab it. Whenever I am in this spot I read anything I can get my hands on that deals with that issue. I want to flood my thoughts with correcting it.
  • When I am reading a fabulous book and the author continually sites another book, I buy that book. If the best of authors are reading another book then I want to read that book. They have authors they read that contribute to their learning. I want the same books in my library then. I go and get them.

When I READ a book.

  • When I see that area as a weakness. I touched on this above, I want to soak up information on the issue so that it helps lead to change.
  • When I want to pursue a new issue to continue to learn for the upcoming next steps of my journey. When possible, I want to read ahead before I am about to walk in the next phase of my journey
  • I will usually start reading a book that is already on my shelf as opposed to wait for one to come in the mail. This may sound simple but I will read the most applicable book that I have. When another one comes in the mail or home from a store, then I add it to the potential list.
  • When the book I am reading is becoming repetitive I start skimming and if it does not improve I stop and pick up another book. When I started reading more intentionally a few years ago I thought I had to finish every book that I started. Do not do this to yourself, you do not have to finish every book you start.

When I RECOMMEND a book.

  • I only recommend when I think it will help. Books are awesome, but the right book at the wrong time of the journey will only have a minimal effect. I want the highest impact possible so I try to figure out where somebody is in their journey and recommend books that fit where they are.
  • I do NOT recommend every book I read. My friend thinks that I only read good books because I only tell him about the good ones. When I mentioned to him that I had read 6 other books that I did not tell him to read all of a sudden it made a little more sense.
  • When a friend asks for something to read. I try my best to suggest something based on what I know. Sometimes I may ask a few questions to get a better idea, but I always give them something.

What this means to you.

You can do a few quick things that will help you continue reading and encourage others to keep reading. Do these today…

  • Identify what was the last GREAT book you read.
  • Think of at least one person that could benefit from reading it.
  • Contact them and tell them about it and encourage them to read it.
  • Look through your books and begin your next GREAT read.

Let me know.

  • What is your thought process in choosing which books to buy, read and recommend?
  • What was the last GREAT book you read?

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