Make a decision already!

Stop taking so long to sit and think about everything that may happen, could go wrong or will most likely not ever take place and just make a decision. We have to make decisions and do so readily awaiting whatever the results. This is hard but it can be learned. It’s called Decisiveness.

So what exactly is it? I would define it as being able to make decisions in a quick and accurate fashion. In our current culture it seems to me that people are on a come back in making decisions. For a while it seemed that people ran from decisions because of the shouldering of responsibilities that came with make them.  I am pleased to see that times are changing. If you do not see the same thing, may I suggest that the circles you are traveling in are not of the best at the moment.

Here is the thing. Decisions do carry responsibility but the only way you become more accurate in making decisions is making decisions. Go figure, right? Okay so the crowd I consistently interact with seem to have no problem making decisions. In fact I have identified a few things that are mentioned that I believe keep them making decisions and not shying away from the responsibility that comes with them. I think they would be helpful here.

  • Almost anything can be adjusted. The reality is that while we may feel or think that what you put into effect is permanent but it is just the opposite. Making a decision allows you to move forward but does not mean you can not side step in the future. Making decisions keeps the project moving. The momentum will not subside if you have to readjust as you go.
  • 85% is Spectacular. One of the biggest things that paralyzes at the crossroads is the idea of perfection. So many seem to stop and wait for the perfection of their work or the circumstances to catch up to them. Forget it if you are at 85% of perfection then make a decision and keep moving. You would be surprised how much gets adjusted as you go. When you continue moving forward and make the tough call the responsibility of it will help you make up for a few last percentage. Lets be honest – perfection is not often held nor is it easily maintained.
  • Responsibility is up for grabs. Most people who are seeking promotion inside a company look first at opportunities to gain authority or power. When you are able to make decisions look for opportunities to make them. When responsibility is up for grabs, take it. Remember they go together. People with authority will always be delegating and they are looking for people willing to make the decisions for them. (This is not necessarily a good leader, it is just what seems to be in abundance.) Make sure not to confuse the two. Go after the responsibility.

All leaders, good ones, learn to make decisions. No matter where you are in the journey, you will have a crossroads not to far in your future. Do not sit there to long. Keep moving, change along the way if you must, stop waiting for perfection to hit you in the forehead and run hard after the responsibility.

4 thoughts on “Make a decision already!

  1. Tim,
    Great post. It is crucial for leaders desiring to be effective to nail this. It’s definately a weak area for me and one that I am focusing on in my life as I strive to be a better man and a stronger leader.

  2. You are right on Joe. I am so excited to see you interacting on here with me. This is something we have talked about at great length and now the site is running and I am getting a good bit of interaction. I hope that you can use this as a resource to help disciple and influence others.

    Stay strong man.

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