Dare to be Remarkable

dareA few days ago I was looking through some of my papers from a while back and found a card that my mother sent me. SHe always sends me stuff to encourage me, I love it.  Okay so on the front of the card is a quote from Jane Gentry which says,

Dare to be remarkable.

On the inside was what my mom wrote to me, I won’t give you the whole card but it starts out with this quote…

Spend your gifts lavishly…like a millionaire intent on being broke!

Now I am not sure about you but when I read that I got pumped up. I want to be remarkable. Don’t you. She points out a very simple way to be remarkable – take what you are good at and go all out.


The Highest of Honor on the Battlefield

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about honor and what it means to pay honor to someone. This might have to do with the fact that I attended a few funerals in the past few months or that my son is creeping ever-closer to his first birthday, which had made me consider what are the greatest of virtues I want to teach him. For whatever reason I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking through it and have been thinking back to my time of service in the Marine Corps.

I do not usually talk about my time in the service but with those that understand it because it is truly a different world. I have many stories about my time in service concerning the many places I went, people I interacted with, training, missions or operations, and homecomings.  I would not say that I did anything extraordinary, and I have no outstanding medals but I will say that 4 years in the grunts (infantry) will have an impact on your life. Continue reading


A friend reminded me recently the importance of evaluation in our lives. We were talking concerning if you have not evaluated things in a long time and then all of a sudden look over your goals in your life. Having not looked at them for a while someone may be seriously depressed. He mentioned Augustine who said –

The un-evaluated life is not worth living.

As the conversation progressed another person mentioned that the other extreme is also true – Continue reading