6 Questions to Ask Yourself in Conflict

Ok – this one is because I need to read it again. I might as well put it out there for you to read as well. I am miserable at asking all 6 of these.


6 Questions to Ask Yourself in Conflictconflict

In this fallen world, conflict is inevitable. Husbands and wives, parents and children/teens/adult kids, roommates, co-workers, brothers and sisters in Christ, believers and non-believers – we all sin against each other at times – at times intentionally but many times unintentionally. We have misunderstandings, fail to keep promises, do things that annoy or even hurt others. Sometimes we can overlook others? sins. At other times we must address them. Sometimes we are the ones who are confronted.

Here are 6 questions I have found helpful to ask myself when I find myself in conflict:

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The 5 Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

This article was originally posted HERE on Manturity.com back in April but I found it thoughtful and that it might help others.

Quick Note: Notice how this guy admits he is not there yet – we are all working on this stuff. Just make sure you keep working, Grappling is an ongoing fight – Don’t Get Pinned!

The 5 Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

gifts– By Daniel Robertson –

Do you ever feel that you aren’t doing a good enough job of preparing your kids to enter the world as adults?

I know I do. I get easily distracted by my smartphone or other unimportant things that don’t add lasting value to my life, or theirs.

Just the other day I had to make the conscious decision to put my phone away and spend focused time and attention with my kids. I found great pleasure in joining my 1 year old daughter in playing with a Noah’s Ark toy.

I showed her how to open the little door and place an animal inside, then shut the door. I opened the door back up and took the animal out. She picked up on this fun game really fast. After that we rolled a ball around. And then I put her on our little plastic slide and pushed her down. She had so much fun that our 4 year old just had to join in, so they took turns going down the slide again and again.

It’s the simplest pleasures of life that add the most meaning. 

As a father and husband I have to constantly fight off the tendency to slip into unintentionality. I have to remind myself that the things that so easily distract me are sucking the joy and meaning out of life.

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Ownership: Taking Responsibility

Are you the owner? (source:JeremyHall)

This is a huge difference between being in high school and being in college. Most students will not take the switch well. If you are able to grab ownership now you will be a massive step ahead of the others. If you can grasp it you will be able to run forward and not look back. So what then is Ownership? The Ownership I am talking about is who owns your growth and learning process.

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On Matters of Effectiveness

effectivenessWhat is the difference between Good Leadership and Bad Leadership?

Most of the time that people ask this question I think they are looking at people who are leading toward Bad things. Whether it is leading to disobey, rebel or mutiny.

The interesting thing is that when the logic of this argument is followed through you have to call Hitler a Bad leader. Now I think most people would agree that what Hitler did was of a hideous nature. I would not differ, however this is a dissection of the leadership and I want to point out an issue here that seems to be overlooked. Continue reading